Level One: Introduction to Christian Healing


  1. Foundations of Christian Healing
    1. The Father of Jesus
    2. Jesus
    3. The Holy Spirit
    4. The Church Institutional and Charismatic
    5. Baptism in the Holy Spirit
    6. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal
  2. The Name (HA SHEM) of Jesus
    1. Jesus is Lord
    2. Our Inheritance
    3. Power of the Name
    4. Salvation
    5. Living in Jesus
    6. Apostolate in Jesus
    7. Spiritual Warefare
  3. The Authority of the Believer
    1. What is Authority?
    2. The Source and Basis of our Authority
    3. How to Exercise Authority
    4. Where to Exercise Authority
  4. Obstacles to Healing
    1. Obstacles in the Sick
    2. Obstacles for the  Prayer Minister
    3. Historical Barriers