Healing Prayer Forms

« May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our LORD Jesus Christ.” 1 Thes 5,23 Healing is sometimes required in one or another of a person’s dimension: the body, the soul and the spirit or human heart. The devil can attack and torment a person in one or more of these areas. Thus, the four main parts of healing: Healing of the body or physical healing; Healing of the soul, or inner healing; Healing of the spirit or spiritual healing and Deliverance

Inner healing, or healing of the faculties of the soul, includes different categories: In general; Healing of ancestral influences; Healing of toxic emotions; Healing practices of the old nature; Healing of addictions and Healing of sexual deviations

These healing categories are preceded by a few prayer forms of a general nature that apply in many cases. Much is still missing but it’s a start. These prayer forms are the product of wisdom, i.e., knowing what to do, in the practice of Christian healing. Those who came before us received wisdom from the LORD for healing. The word “healing” is used here in its most generic sense which includes the transformation of a human being into the likeness of Christ Jesus, the unique model of the perfect human being. These prayer forms are simply practical biblical tools. They certainly can be improved and as time passes, many of you through experimentation will do just that.

All of these prayer forms are first drafts. Eventually they will be completed. They are not intended as formulas. Rather, they offer ideas of things to consider and a direction to prayer.  They do reflect what the Holy Spirit has led many to practice in Christian healing and deliverance in the Charismatic Renewal over the past 50 years. The key to healing remains the LORD. Docility to the Holy Spirit is and remains the only road to Christian healing. He is the Healer. Obedience to Him gives healing. Always remain docile to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and use the substance of these prayer forms as a possible guide. The prayer form are written as a dialogue between the payer leader and the supplicant. Please change the masculine for the feminine where necessary.

By our imitation of the Virgin Mary and through her intercession, may we attain that great docility to the Holy Spirit which is the best guaranty of success as we pray for healing as disciples of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ.